Monday, November 10, 2008

a little thought

6 posts later, I arrive at this final entry to my blogging endeavour. A little retrospection, with the help of a pensive mind, I shall pen down what could the last entry for this site. Or will it be?

In the first post in this blog, I’ve stated how effective communication is important in every aspect of our lives. If any, the course of the past few months has only highlighted the importance of effective communications. Through the project and the various assignments I had to complete, I had to interact with my group mates, share ideas and come to consensuses. All these activities would not have been possible had I and my group mates practice a little tact, push through ideas, or debate on them. Nothing less than practicing a wide range of communication skills all at the same time.

Now equipped with the fundamental skills of effective communication, I am feeling a little more confident when conversing with peers and superiors. Learning about the 7Cs of writing is especially enriching since writing has been one of my weaker aspects in communications. It brought to my attention the different aspects of effective writing and had helped in the process of writing my report. While the span of the module is limited to this semester, I strongly believe that the lessons taught within the classroom will be applied to my future endeavours.

While the process of this knowledge acquisition is short, I believe I have gained a little more than the usual lecture-styled lessons. The interactions between group mates during my project discussions, the blogging, interactions with the tutor have made this module refreshing. I, in the process, become more receptive to new information.

While I feel compelled to write more (especially since this is our last assigned blog entry), it will be a dire breach to one of the C’s in the 7C’s of writing.

Thank you for reading.


p.s. Good luck to the groups preparing for your presentation and to those who are preparing for the test!