Friday, September 26, 2008

Prelude to the next entry.

I have decided to write a prelude to my next entry simply because I have in inkling of a feeling that my next entry might come across racist. No no, nothing overtly racist. Read on.

I did not what to change the content partly because it's based a true incident and partly because it highlighted this particular moment where we are caught in this ambiguity of racism. Intercultural miscommunication, if you would call it, is separated from racism by this fine line. What separates the two probably lies in the intent of the speaker.

Nevertheless, one must never undermine the importance of intercultural communication just because racism is never your intent. There will be many occasion when there is no second chance (as described in my next entry), and the guilt of your actions may probably live with you! Now that I have made everything clear, we can all proceed to the entry.